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Meet the Team

DJ CRube
Lead DJ
CRube loves music!  Not only does he LOVE music, but he KNOWS music…across all ages and genres.  He spent a few years being a radio personality out in the “Lone Star State” as the co-host of the #1 show on Sunday Mornings in that local market.  Over the years, he transitioned from being on air to playing music for couples on their big day.  His attention to detail, coupled with his outgoing personality, makes him a crowd favorite!
During his free time, you can find him teaching Electrical Engineering classes at the local university, spending time with his family, traveling the world (he has seen 4 of the 7 modern wonders of the world) and working out in the gym.
Oh BTW…“Go Ramblin' Wrecks of Georgia Tech”! 
DJ Wes
Lead DJ
DJ Wesley is the pure definition of what Rockin' Da' House means!  It doesn't matter your music taste, DJ Wes can come at you from all directions.  When he is not DJing he enjoys losing at Video Games and spending time with his family. 
Wes will spending quality time with you to understand what you are looking for on our big day.  He has a very keen eye for attention to detail.   You will not be disappointed.
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